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how to fly

1) Before releasing the plane, you need to check the curvature of the wings and correct if necessary. Look from the front. Correct.

Config .gif

2) For test flight, release the plane by pointing diagonally downwards.


3) Horizontal stabilizer

In case A, lower the horizontal stabilizer.

In case B, OK.

In case C, raise the horizontal stabilizer.

jogar 2 .gif

4) Airelon right and left

A) When the plane turns to the right:

> slightly lower the right airelon;

> slightly lift the left airelon.


C) When the plane turns left:

> slightly lift the right airelon;

> slightly lower the left airelon.

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jogar 3.gif
Jogar 4.gif

5) After correcting we will release the plane, using the elastic (catapult).

*** To play safely, always release the plane in a wide place, such as parks. NEVER RELEASE THE PLANE AIMING AT ANYONE!

jogar 5.gif

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