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1) Download the PDF file of the airplane model you want to assemble and print it directly on the paper to be used.

2) Cut with the aid of scissors or a stylus, contouring the line.

3) Glue the fuselage parts (body) of the plane, following the numbering.
Note: Spread the glue over the entire surface,


como colar .gif
como doblar.gif

4) Use a ruler to help fold the glue tabs. Place the ruler on the line where it is to be folded.

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5) Glue part B to the bottom of the wing (A)

ASA. gif.gif

6) Fold the wings to form a dihedral angle.

anrulo .gif

7) Glue the wing to the body.

ASA 2 .gif

8) Glue the horizontal stabilizer.

cauda h .gif

9) Arching wing.


10) Position the clamp tips in the plane's gravitational center (as in the image) and check the weight balance.

Stick tape on the plane's nose to put more weight on the front of the plane and better balance the weight.


11) Apply colorless varnish spray to waterproof.

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